We understand how difficult it may sometimes be to decide on the type of care required for yourself or your loved ones. PCC Recovery Care is a company reputed for its personal touch and professionalism and you can be reassured that when you book your care packages with us, we will do our very best to provide you with a first class service 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

We have answered some questions below and will be glad to speak to you about any further specific enquiries you might have.

Our family business began during the early 1980′s as a specialist community provider of what is known today as Adult Placement Schemes. Positive Community Care was established more than 15 years ago as a service aimed at providing high quality care placements for individuals with a range of disabilities using our wealth of knowledge and expertise which has come from many years of experience working within the nhs, private care sector and corporate world in a wide range of settings.

We provide services for clients looking for home care, residential care, respite and supported living. Our care services works towards helping our clients maintain their independence at home by offering housekeeping, transport, convalescence, activities, personal and respite care to name a few. You are welcome to call the office to discuss how we can develop a tailor made care package for you from our comprehensive range.

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission, who monitor our services and ensure that we reach the necessary standards. Please view our recent inspections for further information.

Our prices are very competitive and you will only pay for the length of time you need based on your booking information and care assessment although as a guide most of our clients find that they require a minimum of 2 hours to ensure their support package is implemented with regard to the upmost of quality and service.

Our simple online booking service is designed to ensure you maintain complete control of your care booking needs. You tell us the care that you require, the time, and number of days, at the time of booking. You then choose the care package that you feel is right for you.

At the time of booking a service with us you will have the option to choose the staff member who you feel will best suit your needs based on their level of experience, language, and distance from your home. Our service will automatically suggest a ‘best match’ staff member that is suitable, however, you can browse through our list and choose an alternative one.

Our staff are available to assist you with bookings and enquiries over the phone 24 hours a day 52 weeks of the year.

Our staff have to undergo a mandatory training programme which will include at a minimum, health and safety, medication, first aid, moving and handling, infection control and client care. This list is not exhaustive as our training has been developed to ensure that all our registered carers have been trained in many specialist areas that will support our customers needs.

Yes we do, assistance is given where needed to all of our customers requiring support with direct payment assessments and applications.

We offer a unique service for our customers which ensures whether you need emergency services or a reassuring ear help is always at hand. During your assessment you have the option to choose to have support from our out of hours mobile services which was designed to give you peace of mind.

By choosing a PA you have the flexibility and control to employ whoever you want to look after you, whether that be a friend, family member or someone we introduce to you. You will legally be their employer and as such you can decide how much you want to pay them from your direct payments.

We have made this option easier for you by providing a full Employment Service. By using our professional legal and accounting team you are able to relax knowing that all PAYE, employment advice and even training will be efficiently managed by us.

Very easy. All you need to do is give us up to 24 hours notice or use our easy on line booking system to choose another carer of your choice and this will be updated. Your new carer will be informed and confirmation of their details will be sent to you within 24 hours.

PCC telecare assists our customers in remembering to take their medications on time. Missed medications, those not taken on a timely basis, or accidently taking the wrong medication or dosage can increase the risk of additional health problems and have worse health as a result

• People who live alone
• People who take multiple medications
• People who have diabetes, dementia, stroke and other chronic ailments
• Individuals who would like an easy system to notify multiple people
• Family members who would like a platform to manage, track and communicate with their loved one’s daily wellness activities
• Care providers to help manage, track and communicate with their patients daily wellness activities
• Healthcare providers to help manage, track and communicate with their patients daily wellness activities
• Senior living communities to help manage, track and communicate with their residents daily wellness activities

• Helps keep in touch – with family, friends, caregivers and your community
• Helps research and ask questions – useful tool to learn more about topics of interest
• Helps entertain and prevent isolation
• Share your thoughts – write about your amazing stories and brilliant ideas
• Meet others – Meet old and new like-minded people

• Seniors who live alone
• Seniors who would like to stay connected
• Families who would like to stay connected with their loved ones
• Caregivers, Healthcare provider, Senior Living Communities and all other organizations that offer services to seniors
• Those who have chronic ailments and would like a medium to stay connected with family and healthcare providers
• For physicians the ability to strengthen and preserve relationships with patients.

PCC Recovery Care Daily Care Calls allows family and caregivers to stay connected remotely on a daily basis; this helps prevent the constant worry and concerns about a loved one living by themselves.

This service is helpful for people who suffer from chronic medical conditions, reducing the lapsed time before anyone can realize that something is wrong.

• People who live alone and are isolated
• Family members who would like a system to stay connected remotely
• Care providers to track their patients daily status
• Healthcare providers to track their patients status
• Senior living communities to track their residents status
• Seniors whose adult children live far away and would like to stay connected
• Post surgery – remote homecare

At the time of a personal emergency there is nothing more important than to be able to communicate one’s problem and location and receive immediate assistance.

PCC Recovery Care enables individuals to easily notify multiple family members or carers simultaneously when an unexpected event occurs anywhere anytime.

• Seniors and vulnerable individuals who live alone
• Individuals who have safety concerns
• Seniors whose adult children live far away and would like to be notified in the case of an emergency
• Seniors who tend to fall
• Seniors who have diabetes, stroke and other chronic ailments
• Post surgery – remote homecare
• Seniors and concerned family members
• Children who stay by themselves at home after school
• Individuals with chronic disabilities to notify multiple contacts simultaneously during a health crisis Images


PCC Recovery Care provides a high quality care service to customers who need assistance to meet their social and personal care needs. Our holistic approach to care recognises the individuality of each person, and care programmes are designed to put you in control whilst fitting in with your preferred lifestyle.


170 Pett's Hill, Northolt UB5 4NW
Phone: 020 8422 4701
Email: info@positivecommunitycare.co.uk